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I will never forget walking into the rear room of a house for sale in Milton, MA, looking out at the backyard, and exclaiming, “Does that come with it?”

“That” was a humongous fenced garden at least 50 feet long by 40 wide with a row of happy daffodils across the front. I later learned that said garden included two long rows of asparagus, several blueberry bushes, raspberries, and rhubarb. A few smaller plots in the backyard were devoted to flowers. I recognized, for example, a row of five huge peonies.

Our vegetable garden as of April 30, 2020
I love gardening and plants. I studied biology at Cornell, and while in college spent two summers as an assistant horticulture agent in upstate New York. The job included answering countless calls from residents with gardening questions and working closely with the head of the county’s Master Gardener program.

So I always knew that I’d have a garden of some sort when I settled down. I just never expected anything like the one I saw in Milton that day some 23 years ago, and that my husband and I have been working with ever since (we bought the house, too).

My other passion is writing. I was a science writer at MIT for some 30 years before going freelance in 2015. The coronavirus pandemic has essentially shuttered my business. This blog is my response to trying to keep busy while also potentially helping others. The idea is to answer gardening questions from you either by sharing my personal experiences or interviewing experts in areas I’m not as familiar with. I’ll also reach out to others in the Milton area to see if they’d like to pen guest blog posts on their own specialties.

We’ll help each other. Hence the name of this blog: Gardening with Friends.

--Elizabeth (Lisa) Plageman

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