Spring Tour of the Vegetable Garden

Recently I watched a video tour of a woodland garden in Milton, MA. It was just lovely, and inspired me to film a quick tour of our vegetable garden yesterday (May 18, 2020). In it, I note some of the plants that are already up and doing well.

I also show the approach my husband Phil and I take to hardening off, or babying, tomatoes and other hot season plants like peppers that we've started from seed indoors. This year I’ve been especially careful about slowly acclimating these plants to garden conditions, because last year I thought I’d cut a few corners, and found out the hard way not to do that. I lost several pepper plants that simply couldn’t survive their relatively quick plunge into the Great Outdoors.

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  1. Wonderful tour of your open season gardening! Thank you for sharing it with us. Most encouraging!!!


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